(White Crested Black Polish Rooster)

“I was only a few months old and lost on the streets of Grafton, MA. I didn’t know how I got there…or where I was headed. I was all alone and confused. A police officer came over and said he was going to help me. He drove me to the Tufts University Vet School and the nice people gave me a place to stay and some good food.

Sometimes luck paves your way and I am now living at Black Thistle Farm. My job is pretty fun. I am spokeschicken for the rescue and a model. Sometimes you find yourself wandering the streets of life, but you always land where you are supposed to be!


(Blue Crele Easter-Egger cockerel)

Hi, I’m Diego. I’m still a kid, but I am learning all about what it means to be a rooster! I live at Black Thistle farm with my friend Buddy, a Lavender Orpington. My family felt really bad that we had to leave our home with them, because they loved us so much. They told us that neighbors didn’t think we belonged there and they were going to make the town tear our family apart. We were all very sad and didn’t understand why the people hated us for being who we were – and why they wanted to make our family so frightened and upset.

But our family was relieved to find us a new home at Black Thistle Farm. I live at the farm and my family can still visit me whenever they would like. I’m not sure if I will stay here or if new adventures await. Maybe my destiny involves bringing love to others. I am very good at that. I like this quote by Vivian Komori, “Life is not about how


(Rhode Island Red Hen)

Setting aside time is always a challenge. So when I was asked to talk about my life, I had to think about that. Generally, I don’t speak about myself, being a doer and not a talker.

Starting with the store makes sense. So I was a few days old and stuck in with a bunch of other babies. We traveled in a box and landed at a feed store. Once I was picked from the brooder I went to a house and grew up. It’s that simple. There were several other birds, a few like me. We just kept to ourselves and minded our own business. This went on for a few years. Vibes, if you know what I mean, started to change.

If I can remember it was the summer when we were removed from this place and driven away. Later, I realized we were being taken by people who were saving our lives. Guess I was right about vibes. The other birds and myself were living at our old spot to make eggs. I always wondered why the humans grabbed those things. I didn’t care as I had no need for them, but … had no clue my life was tied to them. The people just got sick of us and were going to remove us from this world. I got lucky. I was 2 years old.

So, I’m here to tell you this. I’m 4 now and happy to have control over my life again – maybe for the first time. Never thought about it like that, but having control about things really matters.

Thanks for reading, Rosalina


(Blue Wheaten Easter-Egger)

Oh, OK. Well, I don’t know. So saying something here. OK. I’m a little nervous.

I have been with Rosie my whole life. We were at the same store and went to the same house. You know there was always something I couldn’t settle and it was very awkward, very awkward there. I spent most of my time with Calypso. I still live with her, and Rosie, now though so many things have changed. My feathers even started to frizzle. It’s different, I like it, you know. Always feel comfortable in your body, self-affirmation.

I remember the humans didn’t have names for us, but I like my name now, it is a nice thing and names are good. Living in the past is never helpful, so I let go of all of that and moved ahead. It’s about the future. Life is all about the future. You have to be careful. You have to be deliberate. Life has no guarantees. Bad things can happen, but focus on the positive – I always say “focus” on the positive. But you live with the good and make the right choices with decision (and that is very hard)…. and prudence, that is a must. I try to be positive every day and eat right. Eating is about balance, fruits, grass, seeds, grain…

OK. Thank you.


(Serama Rooster)

I’m Theodore Beedles. Purebred Serama. I don’t hold on to crap from anyone. Perfection doesn’t come with extras as you can see. Yeah, my childhood could have been better, but I made my life my way from my own hands, feathers, wings – whatever.

I’ve always been special, I was born to be special. Do I miss not having a show career? Nah. What’s in it for me? Nothing. I don’t need outside validation. My mind is an island. I decide who’s ship docks. Cut that anchor, buddy.

I’ve cut anchors. Let’s leave it at that. Ships sailed – good luck to you. Love ’em and leave ’em, leave ’em and love ’em.

I’m a lone wolf, renegade. It’s how I live and how I love. Marley said it, you know. “Though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.”

Feels gooood.


Let me call my agent.

Yeah, I did an interview on CBS and many others. Some have 15 minutes of fame, I have 4 years.

People ask me how I got one leg. It’s because I don’t need two! I’m like a ninja. Two legs…two legs would be superfluous. Look that word up, Einstein.

I was born with a slipped tendon. It twisted my leg pretty bad and we had to amputate. So, there ya go. I’m not %$#$ “other abled”, I’m not handicapped, I’m not nothing you can put a label on. It is how it is, ya know what I mean. As Cathy Guisewite said – “When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.”


Ciao bella, I am a Belgian D’Uccle, and a great lover like Casanova. The ladies cannot resist me, though many act coy when they witness my charms.

I am a dancer and a philosopher. My song recalls sunlight vineyards and Lombardi populars. We can sit together as the dusk falls across the fields of Tuscany. Let me tell you about my past life during the Renaissance. I remember the Medici family well….