Raising Tips: Give Your Chickens Treats!

Just like the rest of us – chickens love treats. But…unlike those made for children and adults, the treats for chickens are different and more nutritious. Compared to human treats that are mostly comprised of chocolates, candies, and other sweets, chicken treats are all about healthy fun.

We know how smart chickens are! Below are a few things that chickens will come running for. If the first one didn’t work – scratch it off then proceed to the next. Bon appetite!


May come in raw type or in applesauce. The seeds contain a small amount of cyanide but it’s so small that it can’t affect the chicken’s health.


One of the good treats. This is also high in potassium thus; it is good for muscle activities.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

A fun way of giving them this treat is to tuck it on the side of their cage and let them pick on it till the very last piece comes off.


Given as a whole, you can hang this from the ceiling coop especially during winter days so they have something to put their mind and energy to.


Either given in a raw or cooked state, they will, at any cost eat it wholeheartedly. You can even give them the leaves without even worrying that it will just be another rotten veggie inside the coop because they will eat it all up.


Who doesn’t like sweet and flavorful berries? Grow your own and let the flock help themselves…or serve a selection of purchased berries that have been thoroughly washed.

Live Crickets

Your chickens will hunt for these. But do not feed pet or bait store crickets since they often carry parasites! The dried crickets that are produced for human (or pet) consumption are safe and tasty.

Mature Cucumbers or Zucchini

Give the mature ones because they love it when the seeds and flesh is soft enough to peck on.


Still a great source of protein. Do not give your chickens store bought eggs that are uncooked (microwave store bought eggshells too), because they may harbor diseases.  Feed your homegrown eggs back to the flock with no worries. You can serve them either raw or cooked. Don’t allow the birds to see you crack the eggs as this can, rarely, lead to egg eating.

As always- Keep on cluckin’. Best wishes from all of us birds here at The Chicken Chef!


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