Raising Tips: What to do When the Chicks Arrive

By- The Chicken Chef

The brooding place is ready. All things are set. And you are waiting for the baby’s arrival. Upon anticipating the “big day” of  arrival, you must be ready! Here’s what to do when the chicks arrive…especially if you did not have the babies hatched under a broody hen. Tip 1 If the chicks arrived from a mail order, take precautions. Generally, the chicks arrive in good condition (they survive for up to 3-4 days, by absorbing the yolk from their

Raising Tips: Gearing up for Chickens

By- The Chicken Chef

Your chickens are ready for their happy homestead! Here are a few fun tips from us at The Chicken Chef. Living with birds is a lifelong learning journey. We hope to get you started on the right path- let’s scratch up some fun. Chickens are intelligent and curious birds.  Keep them entertained and they will repay you with joy and affection. 1. Food Continue feeding the chicks prepared chick “started feed.”  These fixed formulas provide the right nutrition that your

Raising Tips: Give Your Chickens Treats!

By- The Chicken Chef

Just like the rest of us – chickens love treats. But…unlike those made for children and adults, the treats for chickens are different and more nutritious. Compared to human treats that are mostly comprised of chocolates, candies, and other sweets, chicken treats are all about healthy fun. We know how smart chickens are! Below are a few things that chickens will come running for. If the first one didn’t work – scratch it off then proceed to the next. Bon