Adding a Furry Family Member? 6 Reasons to Think Chickens!

Vegan? Get some feathered family members! Think outside the nest…

Chickens are one of the most maligned and slighted domestic animals. Only the pit bull gets the same legal attention as the common rooster. The current explosion of interest in living with chickens makes this the perfect time to educate people about these birds.

Chickens need some good press.  There is no time to wait. Let’s get started!

What Can You Do?

You don’t have to live in the country to help chickens. Check your zoning laws as many cities and towns are allowing residents to have some birds. Before you consider a dog or cat – think about adopting some chickens. Because you will not have to purchase any meat-based foods for chickens – these critters are the perfect choice for vegan households!  Chickens are intelligent, loving and sweet – they make wonderful companion animals. Bring a feathered buddy unto your family and save a life!


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