Chickens are active foragers that spend their time scratching up roosts and seeds, snipping greens from nature’s salad bar and going bonkers for bugs. They know what they need and want to eat.

Nature didn’t design chickens to eat only processed pellets. Just like we wouldn’t eat cereal 365 days a year! While grain should be an available free-choice, birds of any type need access to tasty fruit, grasses and insects.

Ultimate Treats For Chickens & Wild Birds – Mealworm – Premium Quality All 100% USA Mealworms with Hulled Millet, Almonds and Cranberries, Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird Food

Hi! Chickens are my passion… I’m Andrea, chicken behaviorist and creator of The Chicken Chef line of chicken treats.

With over 20 years of field research in the culture, behavior and nutritional needs of domestic chickens – I am the only chicken behaviorist in the US.

My treat mix, Wild Bird Food delivers just what your chickens want and need. The seed, fruit, nut and insect ingredients are balanced to provide a safe and healthy treat.

Featured on NBC, CNBC, Reuters, Fox, PBS, WBUR, Backyard Poultry, The Sierra Club…


Whether I’m rescuing abandoned or abused birds, or retraining feisty cockerels – chickens are amazing and magical birds.

Gaze on the glamorous feathers or enjoy a tick and bug free backyard; these birds bring memories and joy to our lives.

I know you agree and that you love your feathered family, too.

Your flock is beautiful, and I want to thank you for trusting me with their happiness!